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Samofix d.o.o. was founded in 1982. Since 1993 it offers services of a professional sound studio for radio, television, film and audio industry. Our area of expertise is categorization, digitization and restoration of audio archives.

In 2004 a video studio was added, offering services in post-production editing, encoding, DVD authoring and menu design.

In 2011 we started to develop Feature 2S, our own stereo condenser microphone, available on the market since 2014.

For more information about Feature 2S visit samofix.com.

Vito Gospodnetić

is the founder of Samofix d.o.o. and the sound studio. He has been working in the sound field for over 35 years. From 1972 until 2010 he was a senior audio engineer at Croatian National Radio and Television. He is the author and audio engineer of numerous documentary radio dramas and features, some of which have been translated to German, Swedish and Finnish, and broadcast on European radio stations. He received the following prizes for his work:

  • 1999 Zagreb – Croatian National Tourist Board – Prize for a collection "Sounds of Croatia"
  • 1996 Hvar – Prix Marulic - Grand Prix for a documentary radio drama
  • 1993 Berlin - Prix Futura – First special commendation
  • 1993 Split - Prix Marulic - Special Prize
  • 1992 Split - Prix Marulic - Special Prize
  • 1983 Novi Sad - Taktons – Big Golden Prize
  • 1983 Berlin - Prix Futura - First special commendation
  • 1981 Berlin - Prix Futura - Grand Prix
  • 1981 Zagreb - Radio Zagreb Prize
  • 1979 Ohrid – Radio Week - Grand Prix - Figura Euterpa
  • 1979 Berlin - Prix Futura - UNESCO Special Prize

Lana Deban

is a professional sound engineer working for radio, television, film and theatre. She is currently working for Croatian National Radio and Television. In 2002 she graduated from Tufts University and a year later from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, specializing in audio and video. In 2007 she received an Audio Engineering Diploma from SAE Institute. She created and lectured classes in audio production and creative sound expression at the Academy for Drama Arts and the Academy for Visual Arts in Zagreb from 2007-10. Since 2008 she is a co-author and a co-editor of a radio show Transonica devoted to documentary radio forms, broadcasting on Croatian National Radio Channel 3. Her video and sound installations were shown nationally and internationally, radio pieces broadcasted in Croatia, Finland, the Netherlands, Estonia, Austria, published on Acustiphobia by Sublingual Records. For her work she received the following prizes:

  • 2007 Novi Sad - Taktons – first prize for a documentary recording
  • 2007 Verona - Prix Italia – third prize for a radio documentrary (Works on Music)
  • 2006 BBC Special Project The Unexpected European
  • 2005 Hvar - Prix Marulić - second prize for a radio-drama fiction